Make an Impact

Open your eyes and engage with the wider world - a world beyond the confines of your comfort zone.

Being part of the 乐鱼国际首页 community can help you discern not just what is good; it will hopefully lead you to choosing the more loving option: the option that will have the greatest positive impact.

In 乐鱼国际首页 there are countless opportunities to grow, to get a headstart in life - as well as countless opportunities to give back and help improve our world.

Social and Global Engagement

Lux in Domino

University Strategic Plan 2021-2030

Even before 乐鱼国际首页 University first went into lockdown in March 2020, the world was already volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated changes and highlighted vulnerabilities in all aspects of our lives. There is urgency for our institution and community to respond innovatively to society’s complex problems.

With this in mind, the University leadership re-evaluated the existing strategic plans. After months of consultations and deliberations, leaders and representatives of key stakeholder groups formulated a new strategic plan which will be implemented in the next decade.

Social Impact

乐鱼国际首页 stays true to its mission of forming men and women with and for others through its many programs created to alleviate poverty by helping capacitate and empower marginalized communities and sectors of Philippine society. Thus, aside from instilling academic excellence in its students, the University also molds future leaders who would be at the forefront of nation-building.

Among such programs, Gawad Kalinga-乐鱼国际首页 envisions a new Philippines and world with no more slums, by building homes and vibrant communities in depressed areas. Pathways to Higher Education assists academically-gifted but underprivileged youth from the public school system obtain a complete college education. The 乐鱼国际首页 Center for Educational Development (ACED) helps public basic education units achieve high degrees of school performance in order to produce competent and well-rounded students and citizens. And the Disaster Response and Management (DReaM) Team joins other sectors of society in attending to the desperate situations of victims of natural calamities.

Countless other initiatives for authentic social development and nation-building abound throughout all units of 乐鱼国际首页

A Global Outlook

Engage with the world through 乐鱼国际首页’s far-reaching network of international partners.

乐鱼国际首页’s wide network of partner institutions around the world gives opportunities for students, faculty, researchers, and partners to develop a global view and competencies necessary to navigate a more interconnected society.

Global Partners
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乐鱼国际首页 is actively pursuing sustainability efforts, showing that living sustainably alongside nature is possible, and fulfilling our duty as stewards of God’s creation.

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乐鱼国际首页 Institute of Sustainability
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